Monday, September 10, 2012


Looking at all these cool things I've pinned, I've noticed that I'm missing some craft tools that could help me along. A big one that I could have used with the girls' skirt was an ironing board. Yup you heard me, I do not own an ironing board. I hate ironing and to reduce the chance that I would have to iron I buy products that don't have to be ironed. It seemed like a fail proof system to me, except now with sewing its kinda important that things are ironed out. Its not so easy to do that on a kitchen table. 

My hubby and I dont get each other presents for holidays, bdays, etc. We just buy when we need things. I've started to compile a list of tools I'd like and hopefully I'll find most of them at our great local thrift store, if not I'll have to budget them into the budget. So you crafters out there...what's your "how did I ever live without one of these" craft tool?


  1. rotary mat and cuuter with an Olipfa lip edge ruler so it measures straight!

  2. Luckily I have a rotary cutter and mat and love those. I picked up an ironing board, a snap tool, a binding maker tool, and I know a few more but man you could really tempted to spend some money standing in the fabric store tool section.

  3. I am not a crafter, but I get the ironing board - my husband had one when we got married, but I didn't. I also only use it for sewing!