Friday, September 14, 2012

Slouchy Beanie

Have you ever tried to take a picture by yourself of a hat you've made while wearing it? No? You should try it and then you'll understand why I'm not including a picture of mine in this post. I couldn't get a good enough angle to show it off, I must not be as talented as other bloggers who are fully capable of taking pics by themselves, while modeling their own creations.

I adore hats and cowls and with fall here I need a few more. I found this great crochet hat here and the funny thing is I had the exact yarn and color in my yarn stash as she used for the 1st hat. She had someone else take the picture for her, smart girl!!! The first day I wore the hat I had requests from a couple of gals to make one for them. It was quick and easy and I look forward to making more.

Now, if you have any AWESOME cowl patterns you want to share please do....I LOVE COWLS and the bigger and bulkier they are, the better!!!

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