Saturday, September 29, 2012

Arrow of Light Award

I've been really busy this past month planning and organizing a Pack mtg for Cubscouts, I'm a chairman for a local Pack. My scouts have had a busy summer and earned over 150 awards, 5 being the Arrow of Light Award, which is the highest award possible in the Cub Scout Program. With 5 boys receiving this award we wanted to make it extra special. We had a gal make us the metal Arrow of Light plaques, but the Cubmaster and I handmade everything else. I've edited the pic so you cant see the boy's name that was engraved on the plaque and burned on the pouch. Google my ever so trusting friend gave me some ideas when I searched for a leather pouch. I think they turned out real nice, but this lil scout's pouch was my first attempt and I think the other ones looked a lot better once I worked out the kinks.

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  1. I hope those boys appreciated all the work that went into making those. They are amazing!