Sunday, September 9, 2012

A Simple Skirt

I often dream about making clothes for my kids. The problem...I can only sew straight lines, my sewing skills are limited and I wont kid myself...I'm scared I'll make a mistake I cannot fix. I found this great tutorial here which catered to my limited sewing abilities. All I had to do was sew straight lines. I don't have a serger and forced myself to learn how to do a proper hem, which takes some time, patience, and practice. Yesterday I had the time, the patience I can always develop and boy did I get practice with these cute skirts. The 2nd skirt of course went a lot faster than my 1st one. I love this pattern so much that I'm going to be picking up more fabric to make several more. Of course they wont be matchy matchy, my youngest daughter did request a different print yesterday, but the material was the perfect size to make two skirts. 

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