Monday, October 29, 2012

Trick or Treat Bags

WOOHOO I completed something!!! Saturday morning I worked on one of the kid's costume but then started to feel unwell. The rest of the weekend was spent on the couch or in bed. Today I sewed the kids' Trick or Treat bags. I can't believe how time consuming these were, but I think its because I'm still new to sewing and figuring out all the little tricks such as cutting material, pinning, and making a box bottom bag. I used this tutorial for the bags. I tried stitching around the felt appliques I made for the kids, but my machine did not want to work with me. Oh well! Figure if the Heat n Bond didn't hold I can always rely on my Liquid Stitch...LOVE IT!!  
The Boys' Bags
 The Girls' Bags

Friday, October 26, 2012

Im a Pro...

Pro in PROCRASTINATION! One thing you should know about me I have a lot of ideas and many many future projects and most are left to the last minute. Halloween is only 5 days away and there's a lot to be done and have I started? Yes and no, we have our theme which is Alice in Wonderland. We have some parts of costumes thanks to our thrift store, but I still need to make an Alice apron, a Mad Hatter hat, a card solider costume, and a Queen of Heart wand and crown. Oh if that isn't enough I decided to make the kids new Trick or Treat bags, their old ones weren't going to last another year. In the days to come I hope to finish my to do list and have a HUGE post about my success in completing them all.

Sunday, October 21, 2012

Chore Charts

As my kids have gotten older we've tried many different chore charts. They'll work for awhile, but I know I'm not consistent in keeping up with them. I decided with school in full bloom that I needed to lessen my stress and make the kids more responsible for doing their chores w/o a ton of reminders. I looked at many chore charts on Pinterest and decided to try this one out. I had all the items already in my craft stash which makes it even better. Plus I felt it was a chore chart they could easily do on their own. I used a cardboard backing and had each of the children choose scrapbook paper to mod podge it on with. They chose the color for the marker and ribbon. I rubbed out their names since I don't share those online.
My kids sometimes come home w/ prizes from their Teachers' prize bucket. I felt a prize bucket might encourage the kids to do their chores more freely. I ordered a bunch of little goodies like stickers, bubbles, erasers, pencils, hot wheels, and etc for our prize bucket. Each chore is worth 2 pts and at the end of the week, points can be traded in for a prize, which all prizes have a different point value. We also gave our kids 3 large chores that are paid chores for the week, each one was assigned a $ value. This will give them a little spending money for our Movie Night treats.

Friday, October 12, 2012

Girl Halloween Skirts

I'm not a big fan of matchy matchy when it comes to dressing my girls, however when I saw this material at the thrift store I had to get it and wanted to make  Halloween skirts with it. To make them different I decided to try new to me sewing techniques, such as layering, piping, and bias tape. I used the same tutorial for the skirt that I did a few weeks back. I really like how simplistic it is. The difficulty came w/ the edge work. I had never done ruffles before. I tried several different pins and lets just say I didn't accomplish the end goal. I however found this tutorial here and was finally successful in making a ruffle. WOOHOO!!! I like how the first skirt turned out. 

For the 2nd skirt I knew I wanted to make it a layered skirt which is shown on the same tutorial as the first skirt. She had bias tape on each layer and I loved the look of it. By chance I found the elastic band and yellow bias tape at the thrift store too. I decided to try this tutorial here for sewing the bias tape on. It was nice and easy and because I went slow I didn't have to pin it ahead of time. I dislike pinning!!!

The best part of this project was the cost. For $3 in supplies at the thrift store I have two very cute skirts. I have enough material left over that I could make more skirts, I have two baby nieces that would look adorable in similar skirts.

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Painted Halloween Rocks

My kids love painting rocks. Its a messy project but we always have fun trying to find rocks that look like certain things. I surprised them on Monday with a walk to the creek to pick up rocks after seeing this pin. This is what we created using normal craft paint and then a permanent marker for the faces and writing. Don't know how we ended up with a pet cemetery, but we did.

Friday, October 5, 2012

Leg warmers

We live in a cold climate and walk around town a lot even in the winter. I decided I wanted to make leg warmers for my girls. I found a very simple pattern here but used Red Heart Super Saver Yarn instead of wool. 
I found the heart pattern here. I sewed it onto the sides, but I'm wishing I had sewn them more towards the front now. Maybe on the next pair I'll try a different applique and position.