Friday, September 14, 2012

Baby Doll Diapers

About a year ago I had a breakdown and declared to my daughters "No more naked babies." I was tired of seeing naked dolls laying around. They were still pretty young and it was difficult for them to dress their dolls. I converted a few sleeves of an old blouse into simple pull on dresses and then made a few diapers out of fleece and Velcro. They work decently, but I desired better quality items for them. The plain fleece diapers didn't hold their form on the doll and I had to make several different sizes.

I came across two baby doll diaper pins and decided to try them both, even though I didn't have any flannel, I used leftover fleece instead. The 1st one here was rather simple and easy except for the fact you had to try to make your own template. I came as close as I could to hers, but I didn't end up liking the straps. The 2nd tutorial here came with a template from another blog and I loved how she sewed the two layers together before cutting the diaper out, it made the work quick and easy. I ended up liking the shape better too. The diaper on the left is the 1st pin and the one on the right is the 2nd pin. 

This is how the 2nd diaper fits on one of their baby dolls, which is one of the smaller dolls, but can fit their larger dolls too. I hope to share more of my "No more naked babies" projects in the future.

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  1. Great idea - we'll be needing doll around here pretty soon, I'll have to make some diapers.