Friday, November 2, 2012

An Alice in Wonderland Halloween

There you have it folks!!! The Halloween Costumes of 2012. I think they turned out great and the kids seemed to enjoy them. I'll go through each costumes on how and where I got the ideas or tutorials from. 

The Mad Hatter
My eldest made a great Mad Hatter, he even won a local children's costume contest and people asked if they could take pictures of him as we Trick or Treated. The Hat turned out great. I used lace instead of material and spray painted it with green, brown, plum, and gold paint. I cut up old blouses for the sash around his hat and around his neck. I found the jacket at the thrift store but sewed on the white cuffs which used to be a curtain. The pants were also from the thrift store but I had to take them apart and downsized them to fit him. The hair was a clown wig that I cut into half and pinned to the hat. The Spool Belt was pretty simple to make especially since I already had the spools of thread. I kept the belt whole and threw it around him.
The Red Card Solider
So this costume was a complete 100% original. Believe me, I looked for a tutorial and came up empty. So I took an old bed skirt and cut it apart for the card portion of the costume and sewed up a rectangle with arm holes. The diamonds were made out of felt. The head piece one had a hole cut out for his face and then I starched it so it would stand up on its own once he put it on. The ax is made out of a broom handle, cardboard, and aluminum foil. 

I did find the dress at the thrift store, but it had long sleeves. I shorted those up. I made the apron using this tutorial for inspiration once again using an old bed skirt for the material. As you can see I made the front connect to the back and put a snap on the back. This made it easier for her to put it on and less bulky. I was up until 12:30am making it. I waited until the kids were asleep because I knew making my own pattern was going to be time consuming. The hair band was easily made and completed the project. I like the results!
The Queen of Hearts
I found the dress at the thrift store, but I made the crown out of felt and the wand out of an old kitchen spoon, felt sewn into a heart shape and then stuffed.


  1. Those costumes are super cute!!! You are so talented and creative!