Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Dress Up Wardrobe

 My girls love playing what they call "make-a-believe." I however hate the items being all over their room. Several months back we helped a family moved and they left behind several items and there was a pair of these cabinets. 
 I knew instantly that I wanted to make them into this. I put a rod into the first one to hang clothes on, but that's as far as I got. DH had to go out of town today, so the kitchen remodel is on hold, I figured I'd finally finish the project. I also decided that I only wanted one cabinet in hopes to reduce the amount of clothes they had to dress up in. The drawers aren't very deep but I figured I'd still dress them up. 
I used wall paper I got from the thrift store and 3M adhesive spray to attach it to the inside of the cabinet and drawers.
Because I liked the pink and white stripes with the contrast of the brown backing in the cabinet I kept the back unfinished
 Dont the drawers look so nice and organized? 
Wonder how long that will last. hehe.
 This is what the finished area looks like. I have a little chair that belonged to my Gma. I re-did the material years ago, but it really needs a paint job. Hmmm maybe its time to re-do it again.

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