Tuesday, November 20, 2012

A little break turns into a BIG project

For all those who are teachers or married to teachers, you know how you thrive for those little school breaks. Its amazing how much stuff you can accomplish during these breaks. My hubby whose a teacher, loves utilizing school breaks and he thought it would be a great time during our little Thanksgiving break to remodel our kitchen. This is what we're up against, a 1983's galley kitchen...isn't it lovely? hehe. 

Our plan of action...wing it. Seriously though we're the type to wing it, we bought walnut laminated flooring, cabinets, and paint and we'll do the project little by little. Even though technically our break doesn't start until Wednesday, yesterday afternoon after school we removed the trim, most of the cabinets and painted the kitchen and adjoining dining room. Today the rooms will get a 2nd coat and we'll remove the sink and lower cabinets, if the plumbing works with us. Tomorrow it will be all about...who knows...we'll see what we get accomplished tonight.

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