Wednesday, February 12, 2014


 I'm not a store bought Valentines kind of girl, nothing wrong with them, but since the kids and I are crafty it makes perfect sense to have homemade Valentines. Sometimes I come up with the idea and other times I lean on the internet for inspiration. 
Last year we made homemade chocolates. I had several chocolate molds that my 10 year wanted to use to make crayons. I knew once they were used for crayons they couldn't be used for edible things again so I figured I better use the molds for chocolate first. I had a ton of chocolate, plastic bags and labels. We made Lego men for the boys and Hearts for the girls.
 This year I wanted to go a non-candy route and use items I already had. I couldn't convince them completely so we went with one non-candy item, these hair clips for the girls in the classes. I had several patterned duct tapes and after making a couple different ones I wasn't loving the heart shape. I decided to make stars instead, which I liked the best on the rainbow duct tape. Since I knew we were going to be making a lot of them I did long strips of the duct tape probably 2ft long. I chose to paint the flat part of the bobby pin, since that's how I insert them into my girls' hair.
 We made the cards using blank business cards that I had on hand. Not sure why the one in the pic ended up printing farther down on the card than the other one, but all the rest turned out fine. You can make the font in any color or size or style. We had each child write the girls' names from their class on the blue line.

You’re a Star!!
Happy Valentine’s Day!

We first thought about making super hero capes to go with suckers for the boys in the class, but once we started the project my printer was low on ink. We looked at different options and found this tutorial. We loved the tags, but the boys weren't fans of the mustache so we searched google images for one they liked the best and scaled it down to the size we wanted.
 Happy Valentines Day!!

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