Friday, April 4, 2014

Getting Control of the Stuffed Animals

My kids love stuffed animals, plus they're fairly cheap at thrift stores and yard sales. The downside is that a love of stuffed animals x 4 kids = one mom driven crazy. There were stuffed animals everywhere, we tried different things to gain control of them, even making them give up several, but little by little more animals entered into the home. A friend recently blogged about her daughter's b-day present, they had made her a cage for all her stuffed animals. I found several ideas on Pinterest, this tutorial was very similar to the one my friend made. I've been trying to use things I already have, so we were going to use wood we already had on hand, but I didn't have bungee cords. We decided to stop into the thrift store first on our way to town for the bungee cords. I found this tri-fold chalk board for $4. With a few modifications this could easily become the cage.  
We cut four pieces of wood, one to brace the back and 3 for the front of the cage. We were trying to figure out the best way to attach the bungee cords when I saw this post where Ana used elastic instead of bungee cords. I have plenty of elastic since I buy it at thrift stores. We cut 4 even pieces of elastic and secured them with big thumb tacks, something I had on hand from another project.
Then we filled the cage with stuffed animals. I'm amazed that my children didn't point out that there's plenty of room to add more animals.
The cost of the entire project was $5 because the wood was free from my Gpa.

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