Monday, February 10, 2014

Cub Scout Neckerchief Slides

If you're a parent of a cub scout you know how many times your scout has misplaced his neckerchief slide. I've been entertaining the idea of having my scouts make a couple of different slides to have on hand and because a scout is thrifty I wanted to use supplies I already had, which I have to admit is a lot. Our Blue & Gold banquet theme is Angry Birds. I came up with the idea of having the whole pack make slides for the upcoming night. I made these three slides as examples for the boys. 
There are two main foam layers, the front and the back. There are two holes punched out the back piece for the scouts to put a pipe cleaner through. Once the scouts had their faces made out of different color foam, googly eyes, yarn, and felt, leaders hot glued the back piece to the front. 
To help speed the process along I made a stencil for each character out of old yogurt lids, making it easier for the boys to trace onto foam sheets.
For Valentine's Day I wanted to make my Webelos a fun slide. Lego men doesn't scream Valentine's day, but I know all my scouts love Lego. 
I recalled seeing a pin on Pinterest which led me to this pic below. 
 Seemed pretty straight forward, I already owned a Lego men mold, lots of hot glue gun glue and paint. Seemed like a thrifty craft for me to do. The pic didn't show how she attached the Lego man so it could become a slide, but I decided that the pipe cleaner could work for these too. I put the hot glue into the mold and once it was filled I inserted half of a pipe cleaner into each man.
I wanted to have fun with the faces so I made a different one for each boy. The scarves are made out of felt that I drew on with markers and then glued to the men.
Be mindful that these are pretty time consuming since they require many layers of paints, but they're worth it. I know my scouts are going to love their present.  

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