Friday, October 12, 2012

Girl Halloween Skirts

I'm not a big fan of matchy matchy when it comes to dressing my girls, however when I saw this material at the thrift store I had to get it and wanted to make  Halloween skirts with it. To make them different I decided to try new to me sewing techniques, such as layering, piping, and bias tape. I used the same tutorial for the skirt that I did a few weeks back. I really like how simplistic it is. The difficulty came w/ the edge work. I had never done ruffles before. I tried several different pins and lets just say I didn't accomplish the end goal. I however found this tutorial here and was finally successful in making a ruffle. WOOHOO!!! I like how the first skirt turned out. 

For the 2nd skirt I knew I wanted to make it a layered skirt which is shown on the same tutorial as the first skirt. She had bias tape on each layer and I loved the look of it. By chance I found the elastic band and yellow bias tape at the thrift store too. I decided to try this tutorial here for sewing the bias tape on. It was nice and easy and because I went slow I didn't have to pin it ahead of time. I dislike pinning!!!

The best part of this project was the cost. For $3 in supplies at the thrift store I have two very cute skirts. I have enough material left over that I could make more skirts, I have two baby nieces that would look adorable in similar skirts.

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  1. Cute skirts! You are doing so many crafty things! Looks like you have a great thrift store, too.