Sunday, October 21, 2012

Chore Charts

As my kids have gotten older we've tried many different chore charts. They'll work for awhile, but I know I'm not consistent in keeping up with them. I decided with school in full bloom that I needed to lessen my stress and make the kids more responsible for doing their chores w/o a ton of reminders. I looked at many chore charts on Pinterest and decided to try this one out. I had all the items already in my craft stash which makes it even better. Plus I felt it was a chore chart they could easily do on their own. I used a cardboard backing and had each of the children choose scrapbook paper to mod podge it on with. They chose the color for the marker and ribbon. I rubbed out their names since I don't share those online.
My kids sometimes come home w/ prizes from their Teachers' prize bucket. I felt a prize bucket might encourage the kids to do their chores more freely. I ordered a bunch of little goodies like stickers, bubbles, erasers, pencils, hot wheels, and etc for our prize bucket. Each chore is worth 2 pts and at the end of the week, points can be traded in for a prize, which all prizes have a different point value. We also gave our kids 3 large chores that are paid chores for the week, each one was assigned a $ value. This will give them a little spending money for our Movie Night treats.

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