Saturday, January 19, 2013

Doll Hair

My girls love their dolls they received for Christmas, but who knew their hair would get so crazy so quick. This was one of the dolls...hello stock treatment dolly. 
 Luckily for me I found many tutorials on taking care of doll hair. A lot of them suggested using a mixture of Downy fabric softener and water. I don't use fabric softener, so instead I used my girl's untangle spray. It worked well, but my camera wasn't at the time so I didn't get a pic of it nice and smooth and straight afterwards. 
Here's a pic of the doll's hair in twists while its wet to produce curls. 
 As you can see my camera was still acting funny. We let the hair dry and then took out the twists and here's the end results, pretty and tamed.

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