Sunday, March 31, 2013


 Here's the latest attempts at cool hair styles. For Valentines day we did a double heart, but I forgot to take a picture. My daughter liked it so much she requested a heart with a fishbone braid.
 Upon seeing her sister's hair my youngest requested a "lil go fish braid"
For St. Patty's day we found this triple braid. It was super easy and I'll probably do it again.
Just for the fun of it we tried this braid in a braid, its very similar to things I've done on my own in the past, but I liked her suggestion of pulling the sides out.
 For Easter I wanted something special. I looked for ideas and thought an upside down french braid with a bun looked nice. I didn't follow a tutorial since I learned to french braid a few months ago. After doing it I wish I had watched a tutorial because mine doesn't look as pretty as the ones I saw when I googled images.

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