Friday, December 7, 2012

Yarn bowls

I dont save all my yarn scraps, I will for bird nesting in the spring, but a lot of it I throw away, NOT ANYMORE!!! For our scouts' Christmas present this year they made these cool bowls out of yarn. I found the idea here. I loved the vibrant colors and shape. I didnt have scraps of yarn so I ended up cutting a ton of different colors of yarn into 3 different sizes. 
The original plan was to put cookies the scouts made into the bowls, but a smoky church oven had other ideas. Instead they tied their bows and gave just the bowl as a gift. I love how some scouts made their bowls with yarn all over the place while some took a more circular approach.
I have  a lot of yarn left over and I plan on doing this craft project with my kiddos real soon!

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